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Litigation is the traditional representation where clients rely on the court system to make all the final decisions on their cases.

Attorney Friedman is a skilled litigator who has successfully represented parties in family law matters such as support, custody, adoption, guardianship of minor children, grandparents rights, and cases involving nontraditional families. Other practice areas include personal injury.

There are times when clients prefer to have Attorneys represent them on part of a case. The Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) program in Massachusetts allows an attorney to handle part but not all of a case on behalf of a party. This is an effective way for clients to control the cost of representation. Trained LAR attorneys are allowed to prepare court documents for parties, appear in court for any part of a legal proceeding, negotiate on behalf of a client or to provide advice. Under this program both the client and the attorney decide how much legal assistance will be provided.

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