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What Documents Will I Need to Provide in my Divorce Proceeding?

In Massachusetts, along with the formal court documents, a marriage certificate is needed when filing divorce papers.

Once the divorce is filed, both parties are required to exchange certain documents. The list required by Rule 410 Supplemental of Probate and Family Court is referred to as “mandatory self-disclosure”. For mandatory disclosure, each party is entitled to receive a variety of documents. To be prepared, it is important to have the following financial records available:

  • Three (3) years of tax returns;
  • Current pay stubs
  • Statements for all bank accounts, joint or individual;
  • Retirement plans statements (401(k), IRAs, pension plans, etc);
  • Life insurance policies;
  • Deeds and mortgage statements;
  • Credit card statements (joint and individual);

Referring to these financial forms will also help you fill out the financial statement which is required under Rule 401 of the Supplemental Probate and Family Court rules.

It is a good idea to gather all of these documents, even if you plan to mediate your divorce or to have a collaborative divorce, as they will provide the basis for a fair and equitable division of marital assets.

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